• BAM's charter


    Our architects respect the following engagements

    1. To have a Master in architecture and to be registered with the french national order of architects


    2. To have an up-to date insurance according to the legal norms


    3. To put their skills to good use for a real research of architectural quality


    4. To do their best to respect the budget and the deadlines


    5. To conceptualise eco-friendly and energy-saving projects


    6. To develop a new architectural concept for each project according to the customer and her/his expectations


    7. To set reasonable fees allowing him to spend enough time for the conceptualisation of the project.


    8. To be unbiased and independent when chosing construction companies


    9. To negociate a fair price with the construction companies for the customer


    10. To be attentive to the customers’ expectations and give them total objective advices


    11. To respect the ethic and moral code of architects

  • Architects of the month

    A monthly selection of our best architects




    NMA is an architects office who’s aimed at offering you a modern and conceptual view of your projects. Through their complementary experiments and skills, Nicolas and Laurie are spreading different concepts of architecture coming from all over the world. Their productions are always fiting with the customer’s dream while showing all their architectural skills ! The result is a unique and judicious architecture.




    This office has been founded in 2013 in Marseille. Its goal is to establish a relationship based on share with the customer by constructing flats, villas, premises. Bertrand Guillon always makes sure that the customer dream is realised by using the lightening, the spatial organisation, the right material...




    Founded in 2010, this office gathers individuals with complementary skills in interior architecture, urbanism and brief. This patchwork allows the realisation of minimalist and refined architectural projects. The results shows the high quality of their work.

  • Working with an architect

    The different steps :


    • Describe your project

    Firstly, you have to complete the questionnaire in order to describe your project and to register yourself on bam. Then, a bam adviser will call you to have more precise informations and understand better your expectations.

    • Meeting with an architect

    Bam's team proposes you a selection of the most talented and motivated architects that will realise your project in accordance with your budget. Select the architect(s) that you would like to meet to discuss about your project and we organize the rendez-vous for you !

    • The contest

    If you're still hesitating, you can organize a kind of architectural contest that will allow you to compare te different architects on their offers.

    02/ THE DESIGN

    • The starting

    After the selection of the architect, you will have to sign a contract to define the work of the architect (only design or design + realisation with or without supervision of the construction site)

    • The pre-conception

    Thanks to detailed plans and models, you will understand better the aesthetic goal of the project, the view of the architect and the reorganisation of your space area.

    The validation : if you’re satisfied by the proposition of the architect, you can validate it. You may have some critics but don’t worry, the architect is here for you and you can discuss about that !

    • The validation

    You validate the architectural project. If you estimate that some details needs a modification, discuss about it with the architect. His work is to do a project that suits you !


    • Administratives authorizations

    Your project may need a special authorisation by the administration (planning permission or whatever). If this is the case, you will know it and the architect is also here to help you with that ! His/Her work is also to set up the file and to submit it to the competent administration.

    • The choice of construction companiesThe choice of construction companies


    The architect sets up a file called DCE in french that allows the companies to draw up a cost estimate. The architect is here to advise you but only you can chose the companies at the end.

    • The construction site

    The architect supervises it. He checks the high quality of the construction and makes sure that it will be finished for the deadline.


    • The end of the construction 

    At the end, the architect and you check every details of the realisation. If you’re not satisfied about some details, you have the right to express reserves

    • After the reserves 

    The construction ends officially after the withdrawal of the reserves you expressed, that is to say, when everything is perfect for you.

    • Guarantees

    From the official end of the construction, the legal guarantees of the architect and companies come into force : the completion guarantee, the biennale guarantee and the 10-year guarantee.

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