• About BAM


    Bam has been founded by two fans of arachitecture : Mathias Bouthier, graduated from Toulouse Business School and Boris Lefevre, graduated from the school architecture ESA. They noticed that in several european countries the high-quality of architecture really matters. They decided to create a concept that would bring back together the french and architecture. And Bam was born !

    Our goal ? Democratizing architecture to the general public in France. We want to bring back together architects and people by making easier their exchanges (their meeting ?)

    Bam allows a simple and effective connection between the private individuals or the professionals who have an architectural project with the right architect selected by us.

    Flat's renovation, construction, restoration of private premises or even heightening ; we find the relevent architect for you !

    Presentation of the team



    Mathias Boutier : “We wish to bring back together french people and architecture. For that, we offer them a tailored service by finding the architect that could make their architectural dream becoming true !”


    Boris Lefèvre : “As a young architect, I felt the need to help the two parties (the architect and the private individual) to meet. The work of the french architects are reputed around the world but in France they hardly managed to find customers. We definitly had to do something !"

  • Why calling on an architect ?

    because architecture matters...

    • For a project that suits you

    Architects are talented creators. Unlike artists, they do not draw for them but for you ! Their job is to understand your expectations, your needs and your tastes. To call on an architect is, first of all, the guarantee of a project appropriates to your needs and that is, unique like you !

    • To save money

    An architect knows which material to chose, how to oriente the house etc… In other words, the architect allows you to save energies in the future ! 


    Moreover, architects make no profit on the choice of materials and companies. They support you during the process by negociating the prices and checking the quality of the work. 


    Finally, they are accostumed to administratives procedures and make sure that deadlines are observed.

    • No more stress

    The profession of architect is very controled by the french norms. Every architect must be registered with the “National Order of architects” after studying during 6 years in an Architecture School. Calling on an architect guarantees you to receive advices by a professional that also has the legal guarantees.

  • Why calling on bam ?

    Try it and you'll understand !

  • Our Guarantees

    Parce que nous savons qu'un projet de construction ou de rénovation est un moment important, nous vous accompagnons dans votre démarche.

    100% FAITH

    • Our architects are registered with the french national order of architects
    • Our architects must be insured according to the legal norms

    • We archive your e-mail exchanges with architects to help you as a third party in case of a legal issue.

    100% TALENT

    • Compare the architects on their skills and their view of your project

    • Assess the architects on their experiences in one sector or one region
    • Select your architect among the most talented

    100% SUPPORT

    • Your Bam adviser assists you during the project
    • You can contact us five days a week from 9.30 am until 20 pm
    • Enjoy the discounts of our partner compapanies


    • Compare the price-rates of our architects
    • You can also access to the opinion of previous customers on our architects
    • Our services are free for you. Only architects pay us for our services.
  • Contact us !

    You have a question ? Contact us and we call you back immediatly !


    You can also write to us :
    Want to say bonjour ?  bonjour@bam.archi

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    We would be happy to answer in anycase !